American Rock Revival

As a teacher of mine once said, books come from books. We do not fully own our own work and it does not spring full blown into the mind of the originator. We are just compilers of words and notes into new and hopefully pleasing works. The same for any art. And we must shy away from trying to mold or perfect it for that would obviate all it means to be an artist and an American.

The songs included in American Rock Revival are the written works of Rick Herron, song writer and musician. He is one of many current songwriters today whose intent is to bring back rock n’ roll, which has never truly left the public consciousness, to the forefront of popular music again and to invite an audience, songwriters and musicians to the creative potential and still revolutionary direction of this style of music back to the ears of a new audience. The excitement never equaled in pop music brought the world together. In the times we are facing today it is needed more than ever.

There has never been a more expressive form of pop music and a form so adaptive and innovative that it is still around and remains current in the lexicon of music. The excitement Rick and the local musician friends experienced growing up in the 50s and 60s has yet to reach the ears of young listeners who in turned will get hope and inspirations from the music as he has. Since the first rock n roll song its longevity is poised to extend deep onto the shores of time and space as long as mankind exists.

There are many musicians and listeners today who feel that the music progressions, complexity and creative challenge of popular music would be missing much of its soul and character if it were gone from the music today. Rick and other like minded musician-songwriters want to promote the revolutionary nature of a pop form that followed Blues, Jazz, and Tin Pan Alley to the forefront of a common music of the world’s people, with Reggae,Country Western, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Folk, Motown R & B and Soul as well as music form the British invasion, and Metal adding their changes to the lexicon . By its natureRock ‘n Roll is  upbeat and experimental in a musical sense, with lyrical content that invokes thought and contemplation, sometimes revolutionary sometimes sad often cheerful and energetic but always with something to say. This music has been around during critical upheavals around the world and formed our present day culture and civilization.  The work and experimental nature of rock is far from exhausted and the excitement is needed by a new generation of young people looking for meaning in a world gone crazy where art seems to have been diminished to the most common denominator and seems more manufactured rather than derived from the heart and soul. Ever wonder why being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame is the goal of most pop musicians today regardless of the genre they perform in?