If You Have the Time

If You Have the Time

First, it must be said that all music is valid. We have our preferences and our needs and there is a time and place for all kinds of it. Eventually music gets into the flow of history and in time it is etched into the culture and civilization of that world.

I’m a rock n roller. I grew up with it and all it includes. I absorbed years of listening and playing and am lucky to have been around since its creation in the fifties. I have had a large body of works to learn form and forms to copy from and as with all artists I had to learn from somewhere.

Imitation is the best form of flattery and believe me the Beatles were a practitioner of this form long before they began writing on their own. In their early years the did covers of most the great songs when in Germany and learned the trade as well as mastered their instruments which included their voices.  These years were the foundation of what made them such a revolutionary group.

For a long time I thought they had written all their songs and bristled when I was told by a fellow performer that much of their early songs were covers and the pattern and style for many of their later songs. We have to learn to walk before we can run.

What made the Beatles great was their inclusiveness of styles and techniques, of which some they created themselves. The amount of music they performed in such a short span of time, and the ability as songwriters to experiment was unparalleled. It also helped that they had a trained classical composer in George Matin who could produce them and round out their rough edges when necessary.

American Rock Revival is dedicated to that process of introduction to the beginning songwriter or anyone interested in performing and writing Rock music.