My Influences

My Influences

I grew up at the beginning of Rock n’ roll. I was born at the end of the swing age so my music is unique because of the amount of time I have been able to enjoy the work of others but also exposed to a great  span of styles and technology that has changed mostly our perceptions of what is good msuic. 

In that respect, I can bring a new perspective to add to the present day pop music. For a better word to explain what the music we have today is, it ia a homologation of everthing.This makes it more universal and with less bonuds to tradition.

To me, like for many others, the Beatles was the foundation of my understanding and love for music but it didn’t start there. American music had man roots and we as Americans and now thrust into a shrinking world, are a product of our lives in a specific moment in history. For me It began in the swing era or at the end of it in the late forties and early fifties. I was brought up around classical music and influenced by Jazz, both dixieland and imporvizational. Swign is also Jazz and it influenced me thorough the post war culture as did blues and folk and on through the later decades.

The Beatles shifted the balance of popular music away from America and to the rest of the world and the globe awoke to Rock beyond the borders of the U.S after the bedrock of Jazz, blues and country and folk had sown their seeds and broken up the hard rock of traditional music and allowed the masses to cultivate the fruit it bore. Modern music is a product of modern technology and communication and especially the development of the telephone. 

As with any artist, we create from what is given us. We take from the soil of history and what past cultures and societies have given us. We are in an age where now it is all avialable in a world grown small. I am taking my interpretation of what I have processed and hope to creat a new work from it. I hope you enjoy the music and the random discourses I write on the subject. 

I think this was taken in 1952 while stationed in the US before moving to Buenos Aires with my sisters[. The one below is from 1954 both were photos in the Herron Family Archives. On my left is Kathryn, myself then Margaret and Lillian.
In this photo it is myself, Kathryn, Maggie, Patricia and Lillian.

Lyrics and poetry

The First element is the beat then the melody and somewhere down the line is lyrics. 

Yet for me lyrics were of as great importance as the music.