Rock America

Rock America

First album by Rick Herron recorded at Herron Recording, LA

Mixed at Electrosound Studios, L.A. by Jason Hiller

Mastered at – Digido, Digital Domain by Bob Katz

Album Cover by Dalal Bruchmmann

Drums- Mario Calire

Guitars, Bass, Lead , Rhythm Guitar, Vocals- Rick Herron


I have been writing and performing songs since the sixties but have now concentrated on songwriting and recording here in LA.  Rock America is a rock album inspired by the classic American and British bands from the sixties. Rock America was completed about 3 to 5years ago but as always things got in the way. It was finally released on September 30, 2021. It’s creation was a work of love by everyone involved. It was a journey of coming to terms with what it is to be an American in the 21st century, a journey I took with the help of friends, musicians and people I have worked with and loved. It contains songs that reflect aspects of our culture which I have observed and expressed in my music. Its cover and CD art, done beautifully By Dalal Bruchmmann, was more than I had ever dreamed of and excellently done. The booklet as was the intention of the whole album shows hope for a divided America. I will post images at a later date. Every individual I worked with in crating the Album Rock America, from my formative years with  a late 60s and 70s rock band in the Northern Virginia area to its completion  here in Los Angeles reflects influences from a total America and all the peoples in it. The feelings and aspirations are common to all and we share joys and sufferings alike.

I took it without question my intermingling with latin Americans and enjoyed the richness of their cultures while sharing mine. A sharing that went as far as literature, art, dance and music. It has not always been easy but a fantastic journey nonetheless.